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Location : Knowehead

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= Property demolished or site redeveloped

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Notes:      The original Washer Willy's.


Location and Old Maps

Latitude, longitude:      56.43693,-2.90842

View location on the 1855 6-inch map, the 1895 25-inch map, or a 1944-50 aerial photograph at the National Library of Scotland website.



Newport people knew this location as Washer Willy's. Tayport people referred to it as Jess Philip's Dam. Both can be identified on the census returns. Knowehead was demolished and "Washer Willy's" is now used by the larger property nearer the road (which was the original Chesterhill).

Old Addresses (any dates are approximate and are usually the latest occurence of the address)



House Names (any dates are approximate and are usually the latest occurence of the name)

Washer Willy's


Directory entries (before 1968)

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Census records

YearHead Notes
1891 Jarvis William View household
1881 Philip William View household
1871 Philp William View household
1861 Philp Janet View household
1851 Philip Janet View household
1841 Philp Alexander View household


Valuation Roll entries

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Sasines pre-1900:



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