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(any dates are approximate and are usually the latest occurence of the address)

House NameOld AddressDatesCurrent address
T.S. Mars Woodhaven PierLocation
Taan Bungalow 195251 Kilmany RoadLocation
Taepeng 195798 Tay StreetLocation
Tarrig Mor 19671 Glenleven DriveLocation
Tay Cliff 75 Tay StreetLocation
Tay Cliff 77 Tay StreetLocation
Tay Cliffe 75 Tay StreetLocation
Tay Cliffe 77 Tay StreetLocation
Tay Cottage 192298 Tay StreetLocation
Tay View 41 West RoadLocation
Tay View Cottage 19072 Tayview TerraceLocation
Taybank 59 Bay RoadLocation
Taybank 2 Tay StreetLocation
Taybank Cottage 189164 West RoadLocation
Taybrae Cottage 16 Boat BraeLocation
Taycliff 75 Tay StreetLocation
Taycliff 77 Tay StreetLocation
Taycliffe 19055 Beechwood Tce EastLocation
Taycliffe 12 Birkhill AvenueLocation
Taycrag 19 Riverside RoadLocation
Tayfield 1967 High RoadLocation
Tayfield House High RoadLocation
Tayfield Mains Cottages landwardLocation
Tayfield North Lodge High RoadLocation
Tayfield Offices 1967 High RoadLocation
Tayfield Smithy Cupar RoadLocation
Tayfield Smithy Victoria StreetLocation
Tayfield South Lodge High RoadLocation
Taygrove 113 Tay StreetLocation
Taygrove 115 Tay StreetLocation
Taymount 2 Prospect TerraceLocation
Taymount 4 Prospect TerraceLocation
Tayside 55 Cupar RoadLocation
Tayside 9 Riverside RoadLocation
Tayside House 9 Riverside RoadLocation
Tayside Laundry landwardLocation
Tayside Tearooms 4 High RoadLocation
Tayview 19077 Mount Stewart RoadLocation
Tayview 19009 Northview TerraceLocation
Tayview 13 Prospect TerraceLocation
Tayview 6 Riverside RoadLocation
Tayview 16 Tayview TerraceLocation
Tayview 22 Tayview TerraceLocation
Tayview 41 West RoadLocation
Tayview House 24 Tayview TerraceLocation
Tayville 4 Beechwood Tce EastLocation
Tayville 5 Beechwood Tce EastLocation
Telephone Exchange 11 Riverside RoadLocation
Telephone Exchange 2 Union StreetLocation
Temperence Hotel 1900s1 Boat BraeLocation

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