The Newport, Wormit & Forgan Archive

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1861 Slater dir      There are 58 records.

Anderson Eliza, Newport : Grocers
Balsillie James, Woodhaven : Vintners
Berry John, Esq. TayfieldLocation
Bett John, Forgan : Wrights & Joiners
Black James, Roseberry : Wrights & Joiners
Brown Archibald, Inverdovit : Farmers.
Brown James, cabinet maker, Newport : Miscellaneous
Brown James, cabinet maker, Newport : Wrights & Joiners
Brown William, Newport Inn : Innkeeper
Brown William, Newport Inn, Newport : Vintners
Buist James, Kirkton Barns : Farmers.
Carmichael Adam, Newport : Tailors
Chapman James, confectioner, Newport : Miscellaneous
Colmon [sic] [Calman] Mr. David, Newport
Coply John, file &c. cutter, Newport : Miscellaneous
Duncan James, Woodhaven : Wrights & Joiners
Fell David, Causeway head : Farmers.
Foggie John, Newport : Wrights & JoinersLocation
Garland Joseph, Newport : Ship Owners
Gas Works, Newport : MiscellaneousLocation
Gellatly David, Newport : Grocers
Gibb David, Newport : Vintners
Hislop John, master, Free Church School, Newport : SchoolsLocation
Jackson Charles, Newport : Boot & Shoe Makers
Jemmie -, [sic] [Jamie] master, Parochial School, Forgan : SchoolsLocation (2)
Johnson James. Newport : Boot & Shoe Makers
Just David, Newport : Wrights & Joiners
Just George, Woodhaven : Builders
Just Rev. Thomas, Newport
Just Thomas, Independent Chapel, Newport : Places Of Worship
Keameth [sic] [Kermath] Mrs.-, Newport
Knox Andrew jun., Friartown : Farmers.
Knox Andrew sen., Friartown : Farmers.
Knox David, Flass : Farmers.
M'Leod Rev Neil, Free Church, Newport : Places Of WorshipLocation
Martin John, Newport : BlacksmithsLocation
Murdoch David, St. Fort : BlacksmithsLocation
Murdoch Peter, Newport : GrocersLocation
Oliphant William, Friartown bank : Farmers.
Ramsay Peter, Woodhaven : Brewers
Ramsay Peter, Woodhaven : Farmers.Location
Ramsay Peter, Woodhaven : Schools
Rhind Alexander, Newport : Schools
Rodger James, Northfield : Farmers.
Russell Alexander, Newton : Farmers.
Scott James, Craighead : Farmers.Location
Sidey Duncan, Esq. NewportLocation
Simpson James, Woodhaven : Boot & Shoe Makers
Small Mrs. Barbara, Newport
Stewart Henry, Esq. St. Fort

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