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1957-58 MacDonald dir      There are 91 records.

Bain, T., James square. phone 2104 : Grocers
Barclay, A, A. Gauldry : Grocers[not in Forgan parish]
Barry, J. A.; Depute Town Clerk [under Town Officials]
Beatt & Tait, 3 High street. Phone 3172 : ConfectionersLocation
Beatt & Tait, 3 High street. Phone 3172 : FruiterersLocation
Beatt & Tait, 3 High street. Phone 3172 : GrocersLocation
Betsworth & Barlow, High street, and Gas Works lane; sanitary plumbers, gas, and hot-water engineers. Phone 3205 : Plumbers And GasfittersLocation
Blackwood, M. T., Scroggieside, Newburgh road, Wormit; also grocer : ConfectionersLocation
Bowman, C.; Councillor [under Town Officials]
Cafe Newport, High street : Tea And Refreshment RoomsLocation
Carroll William, 14 and 15 Robert street. Phone 3132 : Confectioners
Carroll, William, 14 and 15 Robert street; also confectioner. Phone 3132 : Fruiterers
Clydesdale & North of Scotland Bank, Ltd., High street : BanksLocation
Collie & Son. Wormit Motor Garage Wormit. Phone Wormit, 2212 : Motor Engineers And Agents
Duff, David S., High street : Hardware Dealers
Duff, David S., High Street. Phone 3235 : Drapers
Dundee Savings Bank, High street and at Newburgh road, Wormit; Head Office 2 Euclid street, Dundee : BanksLocation
Forrest, A. D.; Bailie [under Town Officials]
Fyfe, G. M.; Medical Officer [under Town Officials]
Gibb & Son, Robertson place : BakersLocation
Gilruth, A., B.L; Town Clerk [under Town Officials]
Gleig, S., Wormit : Dairymen
Graham, J.; Chamberlain [under Town Officials]
Hendry, C. R., 9 Robertson place. Phone 3103 : ButchersLocation
Howieson, R. A; Councillor [under Town Officials]
Inglis, A; Councillor [under Town Officials]
Jack, James S., & Sons, R.P., Tayport road, Union street and at Wormit ; sanitary plumbers and heating engineers. Phone 3209 : Plumbers And GasfittersLocation Location (2)
Jack, James S., & Sons, Tayport road and at Union street. Phone 3209 : Fireplace SpecialistsLocation
Jannetta, A. & E. (Pierhead Cafe), Pierhead ; restaurant : ConfectionersLocation
Johnstone's Stores, High st. : GrocersLocation
Kerr, W. Pierhead : Chemists (Pharmaceutical)
Latto, H. M., Union street Phone 3212; (Residence), 3212 : Funeral Directors
Latto, H. M., Union street. Phone 3212; (Residence) 3212. : Glaziers
Latto, H. M., Union street. Phones 3212; (Residence), 3212 : Carpet Beating Contractors
Latto. H. M., Union street: also funeral director. Phones 3212 (Residence), 3212 : Joiners
Liberal Club, Queen street, East Newport : Clubs
Loutit, J. R., High street. Phone 2229 : Fancy Goods Dealers
Loutit, J. R., High street. Phone 2229 : Newsagents
M'Donald, E., Wormit : Coal Merchants
M'Laren J., Pierhead : NewsagentsLocation
Mackie, D., & Son, Victoria street : Building ContractorsLocation
Millar, T., Wormit : Grocers
Milne & Lowson. Robertson place, East Newport : Fish MerchantsLocation
Moncur, J., St Phillans House and Pierhead. Phone 2210 : PaintersLocation (2)
Moodie & Gordon, 4 High street Phone 2158 : Radio And TelevisionLocation
Moodie & Gordon, 4 High street, cycle agents and radio dealers. Phone 2158 : Electrical ContractorsLocation
Morrison, G. T., 2 High street : ButchersLocation
Morton, J. D.; Burgh Surveyor [under Town Officials]
Muir, Thomas, Son, & Patton, Ltd., 21 High street; Agent, Miss Bathgate. Phone 2297 : Coal Merchants
Myles John, 12 High street. Phone 2292 : BakersLocation

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